Adam and Eve: the end of the beginning

Excuses, excuses. “It wasn’t me, it was her.” “It wasn’t me, it was him”. As a teacher… I need say no more! these cries are the warp and weft of my working life.

And as for choosing to gratify their own desires and thus sacrificing for us all the possiblity of living moment by moment in complete harmony with God and with all that is… well, that explains it then! It’s all their fault!!! Adam and Eve’s fault. Not mine. Never mine. Because, of course, I would never choose self-gratification over living in perfect relationship with God. Never. There’s nothing I desire more than to be utterly in harmony with God.

And therein, as the Bard almost said, lies the rub! Because the truth of the matter is that there’s quite a lot that, in a particular moment, I desire more than to be utterly in harmony with God. Our living in that harmony ends with every moment of self-gratification at another’s (and therefore God’s) expense. And to blame another for our own wrongdoing… if that’s ever happened to you, you’ll know how that causes alienation like no other. What we might not realise is that if we do that to another, however subtly, we are ourselves alienated not just from that person but from God.  Our journey towards salvation begins with God’s response to all those moments of rebellion. God doesn’t beat about the bush – He faces each of them with the truth of their action and the implications for themselves.

That’s also what He does for us. He turns the spotlight of His love on us and shines it into all those dark recesses of our lives. And as we see the truth, if we will allow it to, it will set us free – free from self-delusion, free to admit “it’s my fault, no-one else’s” and free to repent (that word again – see my post from yesterday) and turn back towards Him and re-enter that harmony which was lost at the moment of our rebellion

The choice continues, moment by moment. God, Grant me the grace to accept Your light shining into the dark recesses of my life. Gant me the grace to turn back to You today, as many times as I need to. Lord, have mercy.

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